Dads on Instagram “keeping it real.”

[photo courtesy of life_with_benjamin]

The Huffington Post ran an article about must-follow dads on Instagram.

If you like laughing and crying about parenthood, follow these dads immediately.

We highly recommend that you check out the article and bolster who you follow on IG to increase you scrolling pleasure with videos/pictures of dads and their experiences with their children.

This got us to thinking – Padre Cadre members, do you have a blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc., where you share your experiences with fatherhood? If so, comment below and let us know! The mission of Padre Cadre is to help dads out by responding to two of the most common issues that fathers face: (a) a lack of information specifically for dads and (b) the tendency for new dads’ worlds to shrink down to only work and family. We want to help connect dads to the information they need and to other dads to enhance their fatherhood experience. Check out all the website has to offer!

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