Fatherhood prep: Begin fostering important attributes now!

The National Center for Fathering (NCF) offers a list of attributes that are helpful for fathers to thrive. Begin fostering these skills during pregnancy alongside the growth occurring for your partner and the baby.

Skills such as: kindness, patience, awareness, attention to detail, being able to see what needs to be done, humor, delight, and clarity are extremely important for your relationship with your partner, your child, and yourself.

NCF also offers some more suggestions for successful fatherhood prep.

Honor yourself.

Watch and talk to other fathers.

Create ceremony.

Choose to grow.

Don’t forget humor.

Visit Growing as You Prepare for Fatherhood  to get more information on fatherhood prep to make the most out of your fatherhood experience. Also, check out the Padre Cadre Forums and chat with other dads, ask questions, and receive general support from others who are going through or have been through similar experiences as dads!

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