Many companies are now offering father’s paternity leave…but will they take it?

Original post can be found here from WSJ.

Companies that are allowing men to take paternity leave are experiencing an interesting paradox — they are struggling to get new fathers to take it. A recent study found that 1 in 3 men would be hesitant to take paternity leave in fear that it would jeopardize their careers. The majority of respondents also indicated they fear that using paternity leave and related benefits would be viewed as a lack of job commitment by others. These job-related anxieties are nothing new to women, as they have been confronting these same questions for years. Companies are now exploring ways in which to promote positive feelings around paternity leave for men. For example, Facebook offers four months of paid paternity leave and encourages bosses and supervisors to ask fathers “when” — not if — they plan to take time off. American Express Co. has been using marketing campaigns in their offices to promote the use of paternity leave. One poster reads, “Future Dads, Don’t Miss These Moments,” with men and babies all over the poster. Another one reads, “Take up to 20 weeks parental leave — you both deserve it,” with a photo of a father cradling a sleeping infant above it.

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