Prince William, Mental Health, and Fatherhood

Photo Credit: ABC News

In a recent Can Happen Conference, Prince William discussed mental health and how it is okay to ask for help when personal struggles arise. The session was about mental health in the workplace, and how he struggled to maintain a healthier balance between work and family. In particular, Prince William discussed how men are even less likely than women to seek support when experiencing mental health symptoms.

“What I’ve noticed is we could really use some more voices in the workplace. Standing up and saying, ‘Yeah, I’ve been there. I’ve done that, and I could have done more,” he shared. “I think setting a culture of this open, understanding, supportive environment in the workplace where HR is a door that people  feel they can go to, I think that’s really important.”


You can check out an except of the Can Happen Conference Below. Padre Cadre members, do you have any experience with unique HR/employer initiatives that support mental health, particularly among men employees who are fathers? Let us know.

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