To tell or not to tell your children the ‘truth’ about Santa Claus

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell recently discussed in a US Weekly interview that they told their 5- and 3-year old that Santa doesn’t exist in an attempt to always be honest with them.

“Our 5-year-old started asking questions like, ‘Well, this doesn’t make sense, and that doesn’t make sense.’ I’m like, ‘You know what? This is just a fun thing we pretend while it’s Christmas.’” He defended his response by explaining, “I have a fundamental rule that I will never lie to them,” which the 43-year-old dad of two admits “is challenging at times.”

They go on to discuss how being honest in no way ruined their children’s experience during the holidays…in that, they still watch Christmas movies with Santa Claus and love talking about him…and that even though they don’t believe he exists, they are still super happy. Dax and Kristen often say that they talk very bluntly, “in some people’s opinion”, to their children about everything. They will reenact apologies between one another to show their children how to handle conflict effectively. They’ve even discussed sex with their children when it has come up.

This got us to thinking — Padre Cadre members, how have you handled the Santa Claus experience with your children? Have you taken the Dax and Kristen approach? Do you instead allow your children to believe in Santa Claus; if so, at what point do you reveal the truth? We’d love to hear your take on the situation.

Happy Holidays.

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